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Karlo was spellbinding as young college minds heard for the first time the Truth about Who is the author of all that is. He spoke throughout in what writers describe as “active voice” never breaking thoughts and speaking clearly and masterfully on such a lofty subject matter. His cogent linear portrayals reveal this mastery.

With a group ranging from seniors to high school students, including some with science degrees, Karlo held the attention of all present without talking down to anyone. He inspired many parents present with a greater confidence to speak to their children who struggle with the myth that science has explained away the need for God. For me it was encouraging …

Very well stated argument. This issue really is the key factor in Protestant Theology. The only Protestant doctrine that all Protestants share is that there is no Magisterium. I don’t know how someone can read your article and not at least question this foundational doctrine of Protestant Theology. Well done!